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Our Story

At Sample Junction, we strive to dig out accurate data for our clients.Without reliable, actionable information, a business is just a bunch of people shooting new ideas on a blank wall. Every decision becomes a guesswork! Throughout the economies of blocks, states, countries,and continents, companies need accurate data to make moreinformed decisions. Our mission is to get it for them.

Founded in 2015 by Rajan Sharma – a market research professional with more than 22 years of experience in the research industry. Other than that carefully devised strategy, we also consider the nature, behavior, and psychology of the panelist’s to ensure the collection of only the authentic information shared by the participants. Our seasoned professionals have the collective experience of 50+ years in both Online and Offline Research to help our clients get one stop solution.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help our clients reaching the right audience and get an honest opinion by providing best in class research techniques, efficient programming and authentic respondents at value for money which helps them creating better future products and services.


Our Core Values

  • Deliver the Promise: It is not just about excellence in work, but also the unrelenting effort of the team to achieve results that our clients demand.
  • Integrity: Acting with honor and truthfulness, keep the behaviors, systems, and practices away from anything that demeans or dishonors us.
  • Constant Improvement: No matter how adept we become in our work, we believe there is always a room to improve and humbly welcome critical thoughts.

Our philosophy-WIN-WIN-WIN

We believe in doing business with WIN-WIN-WIN strategy. The delivery should be Win for Customer/Clients, Win for Employees and Win for Business.


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