Working together to keep your data secure

Shared responsibility

RS Sample Junction LLP (doing business as “Sample Junction”) works with its customers to keep customer data secure. We take comprehensive measures to protect our infrastructure, network, and applications; train employees in security and privacy practices; build a culture where being worthy of trust is the highest priority; and put our systems and practices through rigorous third-party testing and auditing.
While “Sample Junction” is responsible for securing each aspect of the service that’s under our control, customers play a key role in ensuring their data are protected and secure.
We’ve put together this guide to help you understand what “Sample Junction” does to keep your account safe, and what you can do to maintain visibility and control over your data

Sample Junction’s responsibilities

Build security into our architecture

Thousands of individuals around the world trust us. To earn that trust, we work hard to build secure standards you can rely on. Here are some of the ways that we secure our architecture and networks.

Cloud Architecture

“Sample Junction” uses cloud network architecture to ensure safeguard of your data

Secure networks

Strict limitation is maintained between the internal “Sample Junction” network and the public Internet. Access to the production environment is restricted to only authorized workers and requires authentication on all endpoints

Safe Access

All workers at “Sample Junction” are assigned unique ids, user level and must have 10 characters strong password to access our tools.
Limit employee access to backend systems
Our tools are crafted in accordance with user level, so only an authorized person has access to services they can access/perform. we make sure that “Sample Junction” employee access to our internal systems is strictly controlled. Access between our corporate and production networks is strictly limited.

Maintain employee security and privacy awareness

Part of keeping our service secure is making sure that people who work at “Sample Junction” understand how to be security conscious and recognize suspicious activity. To that end, “Sample Junction” employees are required to acknowledge security policies prior to being granted systems access. Employees also take part in mandatory security and privacy training for new hires and annual follow-up training, and receive regular security awareness training via informational emails, talks, presentations, and resources available on our end.

Breach notification

“Sample Junction” will notify you in the event of a data breach, as required by applicable law. We maintain incident response policies and procedures, including a breach notification process, which enables us to notify affected customers as needed.

Anonymous Access

“Sample Junction” doesn’t allow any anonymous access to its tools which means for each and every person, there is a common gateway to get access to the tools and applications.

Password Storage

“Sample Junction” disallows any kind of readable storage of passwords, passwords must be changed in an interval of 90 days and are stored as 256 bit AES encryption.

Sharing Passwords

Sharing of passwords is not allowed. If an admin need access to certain worker account, he must have a written request from department head, worker is then assigned a temporary password, which is later changed.

Physical Security to Control Information Access

Every sensitive machine at workplace is kept out of reach to prevent unauthorized access.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

“Sample Junction” uses cloud-based backup technique and backups are transferred in a secure socket layer protocol and are end to end encrypted.

Right To Search And Monitor

“Sample Junction” has rights to search and monitor any worker machine.

Personal Use

Personal use of business machines is disallowed at “Sample Junction”.


“Sample Junction” workers who willingly and deliberately violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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